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Renting from Remote Smart Health can get you started in businss without any out of pocket cost and no contract.

Benefits of Renting your Equipment and Software

There are many benefits to renting your RPM equipment and software. The equipment is always under warranty for as long as you continue the rental service. A new piece of equipment is available to be shipped to your patient/client each quarter. Products include………

Glucose Meter B/T

Blood Pressure Cuff B/T

Weight Scale B/T

Pulse Ox B/T

Body Thermometer B/T

Ear Thermometer B/T

ECG Watch B/T

ECG Monitor B/T

Pedometer Watch B/T

Phablet 10″ Cellular

Camera with Audio

Movement Tracker WiFi

Medication Tracker B/T

Blood Pressure Cuff Cellular

Weight Scale Cellular

Welcome Call

The same day that your patient signs up with RPM services from you the personalized care begins. Starting with a Welcome Call and holding the patient/client hands from that point forward.

Product Training

In addition to improving the quantity of care, RPM also has the ability to improve the quality of care.

Since RPM connects clinicians more directly (and virtually instantly) with relevant patient data, it makes their daily routines more efficient and eases the possibility of burnout — resulting in obvious benefits to patient care.

Even better, RPM improves patient behavior by creating a system by which people are more engaged, and accountable for, their health. Effective RPM programs offer technology that — far from being the cold, clinical, intimidating medical technology that springs to mind for many consumers — is actually comfortable and familiar to patients.

Patient Engagement

RPM improves patient behavior by creating a system by which people are more engaged with and accountable for, their health.