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DME Companies Can Become A Financial Asset to Physician’s Through RPM


The regulations surrounding Remote Patient Monitoring was created for the benefit of the patient but the benefits for the DME industry is unprecedented. For the first time since the Stark Law went into effect in 1992, the DME supplier can financially help the physicians and help develop additional business for the physician.

Remote Smart Health has created a health cloud for the use of the physician to bill Medicare and Private Insurance companies for the monitoring of the patients from their homes.

By partnering with Remoter Smart Health your DME company can offer your physician network the ability to generate a substantial income. The video explains the income that surrounds the new RPM CPT Codes. Since this video was created another code has been added allowing additional time to be reimbursed for monitoring the patient or for sharing the RPM code with a specialist.


By partnering with your local doctors will give your DME company the edge on the market.

During the COVID -19 social distancing situation, Medicare has changed the process of how people can sign up for RPM.  The standard face to face visit between the physician or physician assistant in the physicians’ office so as to qualify the patient for Remote Patient Monitoring has been waved. Thus enabling the DME call center or Smart Health call center to contact the patients, on behalf of the physician, and set them up on the RPM program remotely. This video is a marketing tool for you to give to the physician.

The Jump Start promotion will enable the physician to start-up RPM without any out of pocket expense and without a long term contract. The CPT Code 99454 reimburses for supplying the software and the home monitoring equipment. Through your DME relationship with the doctor, Smart Health will bill Medicare for this code and supply the physician the electronic platform needed to monitor the patient and supply a piece of monitoring equipment at the start and an additional piece of equipment each quarter to the patient.

Your income, as the DME is $10.00 per patient per month without any cost to your company or any responsibilities.


DME Profit of $120.00 per patient per year.


Remote Smart Health can help you get each of your doctors connected with one patient or hundreds of patients. The start-up expense is ours and no contract involved. Use our Shared Services for One Month or for years. The equipment sent out to the patients on the Shared Service is theirs to keep.

Help the doctor Select the patients from their practice that would benefit on RPM and we will supply the equipment and the software to support them. Thorugh your DME we will ship a new product every 90 days until the full suite of products is delivered. We will bill CPT Code 99454 directly to Medicare while the Shared Service is in use. Our cost for the shared services to you is the same as the rental, $40.00 per month. If 100% of $69.00 is collected than your DME will receive $29.00 per patient per month.

Remote Smart Health can start the Pay As You Go business model with one patient or one thousand patients. The physician can grow at their own pace without a contract.
Buy the equipment you need here on this website or they are also available at Wal-Mart, Amazon, or Anderson Health. The software rents for $15.00 per patient per month without a contract.

Select what equipment your patient needs and order it from a vendor of your choice. The equipment will automatically connect to the Cell Phone App for Android or Apple.

RSH will make a Welcome Call to the patient and verify that the equipment was delivered to their home and that they understand how to test themselves. From this point forward we will focus on engaging the patient into their health.