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Buy the equipment as needed. The platform cost for 90 days is included with the cost of the equipment. Software rents for $15.00 per patient per month after the 90 days of service included in the sale. There isn’t any contract, pay as you go.  

Pay As You Go

Select what equipment the doctor/patient needs. The equipment will automatically connect to the Cell Phone App for Android or Apple. Shown below are the products available for quick connect.

Glucose Meter B/T

Blood Pressure Cuff B/T

Weight Scale B/T

Pulse Ox B/T

Body Thermometer B/T

Ear Thermometer B/T

ECG Watch B/T

ECG Monitor B/T

Pedometer Watch B/T

Phablet 10″ Cellular

Camera with Audio

Movement Tracker WiFi

Medication Tracker B/T

Blood Pressure Cuff Cellular

Weight Scale Cellular

Welcome Call

The same day as the patient/customer joins the RPM program our customer support center will implement the Welcome Call. During the call, we will establish how much assistance the patient/customer will be needing or wanting.

Product Training

The customer support center will verify that the patient/customer is knowledgable on how to test themselves and upload the info into their health cloud. After the initial training, the support center will run reports to verify that the testing and uploading continues as requested by the doctor.

Patient Engagement

Our customer support center will retain communication with the patient/customer until they are engaged in the use of equipment and software. This process of engagement is referred to as hand-holding. The center will hold their hands as tightly as they prefer.